William Kirtley of IAA Network Partners with Aceris Law LLC

William Kirtley is a Franco-American Harvard, Columbia and Sorbonne-trained lawyer with over a decade of experience specializing in international commercial, investment and construction arbitrations. Aceris Law work hand-in-hand with the other members of the IAA Network, which Aceris Partner William Kirtley co-founded in 2012, whose highly regarded lawyers are based in Paris, London, Madrid, Geneva, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, Istanbul and Pretoria, South Africa.

Aceris Law LLC is your go-to destination while looking for legal arbitration services that are easy on your pockets and is quite affordable when compared to its counterparts. The goal is to do everything that is in the clients’ interest, which includes not overcharging them. Although the lawyers have not lost a case since 2006, despite serving opposite to the largest law firms of the world.

William Kirtley was a lawyer in the highly regarded international arbitration practice groups of Shearman & Sterling, Dentons and Lazareff Le Bars, after serving as an American Peace Corps Volunteer for two years in the Ivory Coast and working at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

He has served as lead counsel in numerous commercial and investment arbitrations, and he has authored numerous articles in leading journals such as Kluwer’s Journal of International Arbitration and the ICSID Review. He is a member of the International Arbitration Institute, regularly speaks on international dispute resolution topics. Moreover, he taught at the University of Paris X, has served as an expert for the World Bank on ADR legislation, and he is a founder of the International Arbitration Attorney Network and he also co-founded an internet start-up named Invest4Justice where he serves as general counsel.

He is also called as “hard-working and highly responsive” with “depth of knowledge and experience in international dispute resolution” and “great integrity.” Moreover, his “excellent understanding of international arbitration case law and strategy” while noting that he is “very easy to work with” and “does not bill an arm and a leg for his services.”

Under his guidance, the Aceris international arbitration law firm ensures:
• Excellence in legal analysis
• Mastery of all procedural techniques used in international arbitration and mediation
• Legal representation of the highest caliber before diverse arbitral tribunals
• Integrity, rigor and fierce legal representation for each of our clients

While also offering:
• Highly-competitive and fully-transparent legal fees
• Custom-made, multilingual teams, built with our clients for each case
• A main office in Geneva, with permanent access to offices in 110 countries to meet and work directly with our clients
• Our lawyers’ perfect track record since 2006


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