How Can You Recognize a Good Arbitration Firm?

Are you seeking services of an international arbitration law firm? Do you know how can you find a good arbitration firm? Businesses often go toe to toe with other companies over conflicts of interests; hence, the need of arbitration arises to solve the dispute. However, finding a good firm for this purpose can be a daunting task. There are people who do not even know where to start or which firm is reliable.

Well, here are the top signs of a good arbitration firm that can help you in your search.

Recognition in industry – It is advised to choose a firm that is recognized in the industry for their work. A law firm with excellence in legal analysis and all procedural techniques (used in international arbitration and mediation) should be your first choice to resolve your business’s disputes with others. In addition, by choosing a recognized team of arbitrators, you can ensure that you receive the best arbitration services with quick verdict.

Previous successful projects – Choose a law firm that has successfully completed several projects in the past, preferably for similar clients or industry. Go through their websites and check for their previous projects. Go for a firm that has worked for clients across the globe and has an impeccable track record.

Reasonable legal fees – Fees play an important part in arbitration firm’s selection, as most business owners opt for this dispute resolution method to save money. Compared to the court proceedings, arbitration saves money. However, it is fruitful only if you choose a firm with reasonable fees.

Along with aforementioned aspects, consider their experience and their team of arbitrators when choosing an arbitration firm.


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