Why Arbitration is The First Choice of International Investors?

Investors, who invest their capital in different countries, are familiar with disputes, as there is always a chance of conflicts arising between them and the other parties. Such conflicts mean that investors’ capital is stuck in the venture. In such situations, international investors have the only option of resolving the conflict, if they want to free their capital. For this purpose, they can either go to the local court or solve the conflict through arbitration.

Going with the international arbitration lawyers is usually the first choice of investors. Why? Here are the reasons.

Quick verdict – Most international investors opt for quick verdict when it comes to resolving disputes with other businesses or parties. Quick verdict not only saves their time, but also helps them get their capital freed swiftly. International investors invest lots of money as well as time in such ventures, and if a dispute arises, then resolving it quickly is the most obvious choice. It saves their time, efforts and money.

Avoiding local laws & court – The local party may gain advantage in court due to their local laws, and most international investors tend to avoid that. Arbitration allows them to avoid local courts and resolve the conflict of interest easily. International arbitration also allows investors more control over the procedure when compared to court proceedings. Investors can choose the arbitrator, time limit for arbitrators to produce verdict, budget and more.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, many international investors opt for arbitration to resolve their disputes with businesses in other countries.


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