Factors to Be Considered For Choosing the Right Arbitrators.

International arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism to settle the conflict of interest in more peaceful way. Whenever the business relationship turns sour, seeking help from international arbitrator is the best way to handle these disputes through private hearings to achieve consensual in future.

A good and smooth international arbitration proceeding is depending on the quality of arbitrators to be chosen. That’s why choosing the right arbitrator is the most important part in arbitration proceeding.

Some factors you should consider in selection of international arbitrator such as:

  • The Number of Arbitrator
    Generally, you and your partner can select either an arbitrator or an arbitral tribunal composed of three arbitrators by specifying this provision on the business contract in advance.
  • The Language of Arbitrator
    The arbitrator should have knowledge of certain language as per parties’ requirements. Sometime, the hearing may be conducted in more than one language due to the distinct nationalities of both parties.
  • The Expertise of Arbitrator
    Depending on the technical aspect of arbitration, some technical terms or skills may be pointed out in the hearing. Therefore, you can select an arbitrator who are qualified and knowledgeable in the specified industry field.
  • The Reputation of Arbitrator
    You can review the profile of arbitrator and check the feedback of previous case handled by the arbitrator through their institutions. A good arbitrator will conduct the hearing in fairly, impartially and independently and to provide final award within a reasonable short period of time.

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